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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Communication card Genius 1 Kbyte
  • Weight: 1 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Product Revisions Available:
  • Other Available Revisions of the IC693CMM302 : A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,

Product Manual Excerpt

The Series 90 30 Enhanced Genius Communications Module (IC693CMM302) is an intelligent module that provides automatic global data communications between a Series 90-30 PLC and up to 31 other devices on a Genius bus. The Enhanced Genius Communications Module (GCM+) can be located in any standard Series 90-30 CPU rack, I/O rack, or remote I/O rack. Two or more GCM+ modules can be installed in a Series 90-30 PLC. Each GCM+ has its own Genius bus, which can serve up to 31 additional devices. That means a Series 90-30 PLC equipped with two GCM+ modules can exchange global data with as many as 62 other Genius devices automatically. Series 90-30 Series 90-70 Bus Controller Series 90-30 HHP GCM+ Computer Used for Programming and Configuration Genius Bus PCIM Computer Used for Data Monitoring The illustration above represents a Series 90-30 PLC with an Enhanced Genius Communications Module that can exchange Global Data with a Series 90-70 PLC and a computer equipped with a PCIM card. The diagram also shows a Hand-held Programmer and a computer, both of which can be used to configure the Series 90-30 PLC and GCM+. The GCM+ can monitor input data from I/O devices; however, it cannot control I/O devices. 1 1-2 Series 90 -30 Enhanced Genius Communications Module User s Manual July 1997 GFK-0695A Module Description The GCM+ is a standard Series 90-30 PLC module. It plugs easily into the PLC s backplate. The latch on the bottom of the module secures it in position. The module s Terminal Assembly, with its protective hinged cover, is removable. Bus connections are made to the Terminal Assembly and routed out through the bottom. The Terminal Assembly can be removed without breaking the bus and disrupting Genius LATCH REMOVABLE TERMINAL ASSEMBLY HINGED COVER COMM OK (LED) OK (LED) a43394 There are no DIP switches or jumpers to set on the module. Its configuration is completed using the Hand-held Programmer or system programming software. A GCM+ can not be configured with a Genius Hand-held Monitor. LEDs LEDs on the front of the GCM+ module indicate its operating status, and the status of communications between the module and the Series 90-30 PLC. indicates that the GCM+ has passed its powerup test and is operating. indicates that the GCM+ is configured and is transmitting or receiving global data. If either OK or COMM is off or blinking, look for the following causes: OK LED COMM LED Indicates: ON ON Normal operation ON Blinking Intermittent bus operation Synchronous blinking Synchronous blinking Genius Bus Address conflict ON OFF Module not configured, or no communications OFF OFF No power or fatal powerup error OK COMM 1 GFK-0695A Chapter 1 Introduction 1-3 Module Specifications Ordering information IC693CMM302 Module type Series 90-30 PLC module, providing Genius Global Data communications with up to 31 other devices. Quantity per PLC Up to 2 Current consumption <300mA at +5VDC Global data length per GCM+ Transmitted: Up to 128 bytes. Received: Up to 128 bytes each from up to 31 other devices. Series 90-30 PLC, memory types for global data %G, %I, %Q, %AI, %AQ, %R LEDs OK, COMM Software diagnostics Status bits, Fault Reporting to Series 90-70 PLC Environmental: Operating temperature 0 C to +60 C (+32 F to +140 F) Storage temperature 25 C to +70 C ( 13 F to +158 F) Humidity 5% to 95% (non condensing) Vibration and shock 0.2 inch displacement 5Hz to 10Hz 1 G 10Hz to 200Hz 5 G 10Ms duration Compatibility Specific equipment or software versions required for compatibility with the GCM+ module are listed below. CPU: The GCM+ module can be used with CPU models: IC693CPU311K, 321K, 331L or later. Other CPU models can be any version. The CPU firmware must be rel. 3.5 or later. Logicmaster 90-30 software: rel. 3.5 (IC641SWP301L, 304J, 306F, 307F) or later is required. Genius Communications Module: The GCM+ cannot be installed in a Series 90-30 PLC that also has a Genius Communications Module (IC693CMM301). However, that module can be located in another PLC on the bus, and it may exchange global data with a GCM+. Appendix B compares the features of the GCM+ with those of the GCM. Bus Controller: v. 3.0 (IC697BEM731D) or later is required. If the Series 90-70 PLC will receive fault reports from the GCM+, the bus controller must be v. 4.0 (IC697BEM731F) or later. If Logicmaster 90-70 Software is used, it must be version 4.0 or later. Bus Controller: To exchange global data with a GCM+, the Series Six Bus Controller must be catalog number IC660CBB902F/903F (firmware version 1.5), or later. A Genius Hand-held Monitor can be used to display: the GCM+ Bus Address, its software version, and the Series Six register address configured for global data. HHM version IC660HHM501H (rev. 4.5) or later is required. There is no Hand-held Monitor connector on the GCM+ module, but a Hand-held Monitor may communicate with the GCM+ while connected to any other device on the bus. Optionally, an additional HHM mating connector can be installed on the bus near the GCM+. Genius I/O blocks may be present on the same bus. However, the GCM+ is not compatible with older phase A blocks; they should not be installed on the same bus. Series 90-30 PLC Series 90-70 PLC Series Six PLC Genius Hand-held Monitor Genius I/O Blocks 1 1-4 Series 90 -30 Enhanced Genius Communications Module User s Manual July 1997 GFK-0695A Global Data for the GCM+ Global data is data that is transmitted automatically and repeatedly, allowing the formation of a shared database. The GCM+ can exchange global data with any other PLC or host computer in the bus. Each bus scan, a GCM+ module can send up to 128 bytes of global data from exactly one of the following: %I, %Q, %G, %AI, %AQ, or %R memory in the Series 90-30 PLC. Because the global data is broadcast, the same data is available to all other global data devices on the bus. GCM+ GCM+ GCM+ global data Conversely, each bus scan the GCM+ module can pass to the CPU up to 128 bytes of global data each from up to 31 other devices on the bus. If the Series 90-30 PLC does not need certain global data that is being sent, the GCM+ can easily be configured to ignore all or part of any global data message. GCM+ GCM+ GCM+ global data global data Incoming global data can be placed in %I, %Q, %G, %AI, %AQ, or %R memory in the Series 90-30 PLC. One destination per incoming message is permitted. For the Series 90-30 PLC, no special programming is needed to start or stop global data. Chapter 3 explains how global data passes between the Series 90-30 PLC and a GCM+ module. It also describes operation of the Genius bus scan, and explains how to estimate global data timing. Diagnostics Provided by the GCM+ The GCM+ provides two kinds of diagnostic information. (For more information about these diagnostics features, see chapter 5). Status Bits: The GCM+ uses 32 status bits in %I memory to indicate the presence or absence of each device on the bus. The status bits also verify operation of the GCM+ itself. Each bit represents one bus device, from bus address 0 in the LSB to bus address 31 in the MSB. Fault Reports: If this feature is enabled by configuration, the GCM+ will send fault reports to be monitored by a Series 90-70 PLC on the bus. Among the diagnostic information available is the addition or loss of a rack in the Series 90-30 PLC, and the addition or loss of a module. Each Series 90-30 PLC is treated as a remote drop by the Series 90-70 PLC. 1 GFK-0695A Chapter 1 Introduction 1-5 Some Special Applications In addition to basic global data exchange, the GCM+ module can be used for applications such as: Data monitoring by a personal or industrial computer. Monitoring data from I/O blocks. Communications among devices on the bus. Emulating remote I/O for the Series 90-30 by allowing another device on the bus to read input data and control output data in a Series 90-30 PL.C. Data Monitoring by a Computer In the example system below, there are two Series 90-30 PLCs, a Series 90-70 PLC, and a host computer on a bus. Each bus scan, the Series 90-70 PLC sends one global data message to communicate with both of the Series 90-30 PLCs. Each of the Series 90-30 PLCs sends one global data message to communicate with the Series 90-70 PLC and with the other Series 90-30. The host computer acts as a monitor, and reads all global data. global data global data global data In this system: The Series 90-70 PLC broadcasts 100 bytes of global data each bus scan. Within this 100 bytes, the first 60 bytes is data for one Series 90-30 PLC, and the last 40 bytes is data for the other Series 90-30 PLC. Each Series 90-30 PLC places the corresponding portion of the data received from the Series 90-70 PLC directly into its host PLC s memory, and discards the rest. Both Series 90-30 PLCs send 50 bytes of global data. Each Series 90-30 PLC listens to 10 bytes of the other s global data and discards the rest. The Series 90-70 PLC automatically receives all Global Data from both Series 90-30 PLCs. Configuration Because each of these GCM+ modules receives much more incoming global data than its host PLC needs, the GCM+ module s offset and length configuration features are used to discard the extra data. For configuration details, see chapter 4.

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