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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Axis Positioning Module
  • Weight: 1 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

IC693APU301/302 Motion Mate Axis Positioning Module (APM) The Motion Mate APM is an easy-to-use intelligent, fully programmable one-axis (IC693APU301) or two-axis (IC693APU302) motion control module for the Series 90-30 PLC. The APM allows a PLC user to combine high-performance control with PLC logic solving functions in one integrated system. The APM can be configured to operate in either Standard mode or Follower mode. When used in Standard mode, it combines high-performance motion control with PLC logic solving functions in one integrated system. When used in Follower mode, it provides high-performance electronic gearing for continuous master/slave applications. The desired mode is easily selected by configuring a setup parameter in the configuration software. AXIS POS MODULE STAT OK CFG EN1 EN2 ONE AXIS B A C O MM Figure 8-10. Motion Mate APM Module The Series 90-30 and APM operate together as one integrated motion control package. The APM controls axis motion and handles all direct communications to the drive and machine while the PLC automatically transfers data between PLC tables and the APM. The PLC also provides a means for connecting Operator Interfaces, which can control and monitor system operation. An example of an APM servo system showing the hardware and software used to configure, program, and operate the system is shown below. The APM can be installed in any Series 90-30 CPU, expansion, or remote baseplate. For embedded CPUs (311, 313, or 323), you may have up to three APM modules. For a modular CPU (331 or higher), you may have up to eight APM modules in one system, with a maximum of three APM modules per baseplate. Multiple motion programs may be created and stored in the APM (maximum of 10 may be stored in the APM) with the Motion Programmer software package. The APM is configured and programmed with VersaPro software (Version 1.1 or later) or Logic Developer-PLC. 8-16 Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual August 2002 GFK-0356Q 8 The APM faceplate (front panel) has two 24-pin high-density connectors for servo connections. The connector labeled A contains connections for Axis 1. Connector B, for a 1-axis APM, contains general purpose connections. Connector B, for a 2-axis APM, has connections for Axis 2 as well general purpose connections. To make wiring easier to the drive and machine, each high-density connector is typically connected by a short cable to a terminal block. CPU DRIVE MACHINE 1 ENCODER 1 DRIVE MACHINE 2 ENCODER 2 Configuration Software Motion Programming Software APM Figure 8-11. Example of Motion Mate APM Servo System APM Cables These cables consists of a 24-pin I/O connector , a cable, and a 25-pin D-type terminal block connector. (Cables are documented in Chapter 10.) Available cables are: � IC693CBL311 (10 feet/3 meters) � IC693CBL319 (3 feet/1 meter) � IC693CBL317 (10 feet/3 meters) with an 8 external shield pigtail � C693CBL320 (3 feet/1 meter) with an 8 external shield pigtail For building custom-length cables, the 24-pin I/O cable connector is available in three different kits (solder eyelet receptacle, crimp wire receptacle, and IDC (ribbon) receptacle). The terminal block is Weidmuller RD25 910648 or equivalent (must be compatible with the I/O cable IC693CBL311/319/317/320 - see Chapter 10 for details). Motion Mate APM Module Documentation See the following manuals for detailed information on Power Mate APM Modules: � GFK-0840 Motion Mate APM for Series 90-30 PLC Standard Mode User s Manual � GFK-0781 Motion Mate APM for Series 90-30 PLC Follower Mode User s Manual � GFK-0664 Series 90 PLC APM Programmer s Manual Related servo manual: � GFK-1581 SL Series Servo User s Manual GFK-0356Q Chapter 8 Option Modules 8-17 8 IC693DSM302 Motion Mate Digital Servo Module (DSM302) The Motion Mate DSM302 is a high-performance, two-axis motion control module that is highly integrated with the logic solving and communications functions of the Series 90-30 PLC. In digital mode, this module controls GE Fanuc digital servos. Beginning with firmware version 1.40, this module has the ability to control servos with an analog command input, such as the GE Fanuc SL Series Servos, or third party analog servos. COMM STAT OK CFG Motion Mate DSM302 C A D B EN4 EN2 EN3 EN1 Connector C Aux Axis 3 (Follower Master Axis) Status LEDs STAT OK CFG EN1 - EN4 Connector D Aux Axis 4 COMM Connector A Servo Axis 1 Connector B Servo Axis 2 Grounding Tab 6 pin, RJ 11 connector used to upgrade firmware and load motion programs (use cable IC693CBL316) RS 232 PORT 1 Pin 1 Figure 8-12. Motion Mate DSM302 Module 8-18 Series 90-30 PLC Installation and Hardware Manual August 2002 GFK-0356Q 8 Features. � Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control of GE Fanuc Servos � Block Processing time under 5 milliseconds � Velocity Feed forward and Position Error Integrator to enhance tracking accuracy � High resolution of programming units - Position: 8,388,608...+8,388,607 User Units - Velocity: 1 ... 8,388,607 User Units/sec - Acceleration: 1 .. 134,217,727 User Units/sec/sec � Simple and powerful Motion Program instruction set � Simple 1- or 2-axis motion programs with synchronized block start � Program support for a short motion program, called Program 0, which can be created in the configuration software � Non-volatile storage for 10 programs and 40 subroutines, created with the APM Motion Programming software. � User scaling of programming units (User Units) � DSM firmware, stored in Flash memory, is updated via its front panel COMM port. � Generic programming using command parameters as operands for Acceleration, Velocity, Move, and Dwell Commands � Automatic Data Transfer between PLC tables and DSM302 without user programming � Ease of I/O connection with factory cables and terminal blocks as well as a serial port for connecting programming devices. The serial port also allows soft upgrades to firmware, which is stored in Flash memory. � Control of GE Fanuc Digital servos, analog SL Series Servos, or third party analog servos. � Home and overtravel switch inputs for each Servo Axis � Two Position Capture Strobe Inputs for each Position Feedback Input � 5v , 24v and analog I/O for use by PLC � A Quad B Encoder input for Follower Master axis � 13 bit Analog Output can be controlled by PLC or used as Servo Tuning monitor IC693DSM302 Documentation � GFK-1464, Motion Mate DSM302 for Series 90-30PLCs User s Manual. � GFK-0664, Series 90-30 PLC APM Programmer s Manual Related servo manuals: � GFK-1581, SL Series Servo User s Manual GFK-0356Q Chapter 8 Option Modules 8-19

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