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  • Manufacturer: GE-IP
  • Description: GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Analog Output Current 2 Channels
  • Weight: 1 lbs :: ≈ 1 kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Years
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Product Manual Excerpt

Analog Current Output - 2 Channel IC693ALG391 The 2-Channel Analog Current Output module for the Series 90-30 Programmable Logic Controller provides two output channels, each capable of converting 12 bits of binary (digital) data to an analog output for use as required by your application. The Analog Current Output module is capable of providing outputs in the range of 0 to 20 mA. Resolution of the converted signal is 12 bits binary (1 part in 4096). The sign bit is not used in the conversion process. Both channels are updated on every scan (about 5 milliseconds). User data in the %AQ registers is in a 16-bit 2 s complement format. The 13 most significant bits from the %AQ register are converted to sign magnitude by the PLC and sent to the module. Twelve of the bits are used by the D/A converter; the 13th bit (sign) is used to determine if negative data was sent to the module. The placement of the 13 bits within the data word is shown below. The relationship between the current output and the data from the D/A converter is shown in Figures 3-34 and 3-35. X D11 D10 D9 D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 X X X MSB LSB X = not applicable to this discussion. S = sign bits 4 D/A BITS (decimal) CURRENT (mA) 4 TO 20mA RANGE a44647 0 20 0 4000 Figure 11-5. D/A Bits vs. Current Figure 11-6. D/A Bits vs. Current Output, 4 to 20 mA Output, 0 to 20 mA If the module is sent negative data, it outputs the low end of the current range (that is, 4 mA for the 4 to 20 mA range). If a value which is out of range is entered (that is. greater than 32767), the software does not accept the value. This module provides two output ranges. The default range is 4 to 20 mA with user data scaled so that a count of 0 corresponds to 4 mA and a count of 32000 corresponds to 20 mA with each 1000 counts representing 0.5 mA. When a RANGE jumper (either RANGE1 or RANGE2) is added to the I/O terminal board, the output range is 0 to 20 mA with user data scaled so that a count of 0 corresponds to 0 mA and a count of 32000 corresponds to 20 mA with each 800 counts representing 0.5 mA. The range of each output can be programmed individually. The module provides a full 12 bits of resolution in either range. Scaling of the output is as shown in Figures 3-36 and 3-37. D/A BITS (decimal) CURRENT (mA) 0 TO 20mA RANGE a44659 0 20 0 4000 11 11-6 Series 90-30 PLC I/O Module Specifications July 2000 GFK-0898F 4 %AQ (decimal) CURRENT (mA) 4 TO 20mA RANGE a44683 0 20 0 32000 Figure 11-7. Scaling for Current Figure 11-8. Scaling for Current Output, 4 to 20 mA Output, 0 to 20 mA The state of the module if the CPU goes to the STOP mode or RESET, can be either Default to 0/4 mA or Hold-Last-State. Selection of the desired state is made by configuring the DEF0/4 jumper on the detachable terminal board connector on the module. If the jumper is not installed, the outputs will Hold-Last-State on STOP or RESET provided that a backup user supply is connected when the system power goes down. If the DEF0/4 jumper is present, the module defaults to 4 mA on the 4 to 20 mA range or 0 mA on the 0 to 20 mA range on STOP or RESET. One jumper per module is used to program both outputs for Hold-Last-State or DEF0/4. Each module output may be used as a current source or as a less accurate voltage source. A voltage is output at VOUTx that corresponds to the current output. The selection of current or voltage output is made with a jumper on the I/O terminal board. If no jumper is installed, the module performs as a current source. If the JMPVx jumper is present, the module performs as a voltage source. Each channel has the option of selecting voltage or current. The setting of the current output range determines the voltage range. The voltage range can be increased by using a 250 ohm resistor in place of the voltage jumper from JMPVx to IOUTx. The following table shows the relationship between range settings and voltage outputs. Table 11-2. Range Settings vs. Voltage Outputs Range Setting Voltage Range 4 to 20 mA (no range jumper) 1 to 5 V 2 to 10 V with external resistor 0 to 20 mA (range jumper present) 0 to 5 V 0 to 10 V with external resistor The primary power source for the module is the isolated +24 VDC power supplied by the PLC power supply. Two terminals are also provided on the module s I/O terminal board for user supplied +24 volts. This allows you to provide a standby power supply so that the outputs can continue to hold their value if the internal supply is lost and Hold-Last-State is selected. You may also want to supply the module voltage to reduce the load on the PLC isolated +24 VDC power supply. The user supply will be used when the applied voltage is higher than the isolated +24 VDC supply, which can range from 21.5 volts to 26.5 volts. An internal voltage source of about +24V is generated in the module to drive the current loop outputs. The current loop drivers on the module are source type drivers. This means that a positive current flows out of the current loop outputs so that the user s loads can be returned to common. A resistor is placed in series with the common return to limit ground loop currents. To minimize the %AQ (decimal) CURRENT (mA) 0 TO 20mA RANGE a44684 0 20 0 32000 Analog Output Modules 11 GFK-0898F Chapter 11 Analog Output Modules 11-7 capacitive loading and noise, all field connections to the module should be wired using a good grade of twisted, shielded instrumentation cable. The shields should be connected to GND on the user terminal connector block. The GND connection provides access to the baseplate (frame ground) resulting in superior rejection of noise caused by any shield drain currents. An LED on the module s faceplate is ON when the module s power supply is operating. The module provides electrical isolation of externally generated noise between field wiring and the backplane through use of optical isolation. This module can be installed in any I/O slot of a 5 or 10-slot baseplate in a Series 90-30 PLC system. If user provided supplies are not used to power the module, a maximum of three Analog Current Output modules can be installed in a baseplate. Table 11-3. Specifications for Analog Current Output Module - IC693ALG391 Output Current Range 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 20 mA Output Voltage Range 1 1 to 5 V and 0 to 5 V Calibration Factory calibrated to 4 A per count Supply Voltage (nominal) +24 VDC, from isolated +24 VDC on backplane or user supplied voltage source, and +5 VDC from backplane External Supply Voltage Range 2 20 to 30 VDC External Supply Voltage Ripple 10% Update Rate 5 msec (approximate, both channels) Determined by I/O scan time, and is application dependent. Resolution: 4 to 20 mA 4 A (1 LSB = 4 A) 0 to 20 mA 5 A (1 LSB = 5 A) 1 to 5 V 1 mV (1 LSB = 1 mV) 0 to 5 V 1.25 mV (1 LSB = 1.25 mV) Absolute Accuracy: 3 4 to 20 mA 8 A at 25 C (77 F) 0 to 20 mA 10 A at 25 C (77 F) 1 to 5 V 50 mV at 25 C (77 F) 0 to 5 V 50 mV at 25 C (77 F) Maximum Compliance Voltage 25 V User Load (current mode) 0 to 850 ohms Output Load Capacitance (current mode) 2000 pF Output Load Inductance (current mode) 1 H Maximum Output Loading (voltage mode) 5 mA (2K ohms minimum resistance) (2000 pF maximum capacitance) Isolation 1500 volts between field and logic side Internal Power Consumption 30 mA from +5V supply 215 mA from Isolated +24 VDC backplane supply or user supply Refer to Appendix B for product standards and general specifications. 1 Allowable load on the voltage output option can be calculated from the total module current shown in Figure 3-38. 2 Allowable user supply is dependent on the current load and the ambient temperature as shown in Figure 3-38. 3 In the presence of severe RF interference (IEC 801-3, 10V/m), accuracy may be degraded to A (4 to 20 mA range), A (0 to 20 mA range). 11 11-8 Series 90-30 PLC I/O Module Specifications July 2000 GFK-0898F 10 C 20 C 30 C 50 C 60 C TOTAL MODULE LOAD CURRENT (mA) AMBIENT TEMPERATURE ( C) NOTE

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